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Medical and Surgical Litigation Consultants is a medically broad-based, independent analytical resource team with extensive research capabilities.

We provide personal and institutional lawyers with exhaustive analysis, interpretation and direction in potential and filed medical malpractice and complex personal injury actions.

Over many years, during clinical practice and medical legal consulting, Dr. A C Gold has reviewed over four thousand cases for solicitors representing both plaintiff and defense patients/clients in personal injury and medico-legal concerns. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we represent a cumulative experience of nearly 50 clinical years in a wide range of medical and surgical specialties, and we have access to a wealth of research resources and subspecialty colleagues.

We will name legal colleagues known to you who can attest to our successes in cost-efficient screening and in steering viable actions to a satisfactory conclusion. We answer all inquiries promptly, prepare reports within an early, agreed time-frame and contact you with the completed verbal or written report.